What is the difference between the Extra Heavy Oxford Oval verses the Oxford Oval?
Do you undertake special commissions?
What is a coat of arms?
Measuring your finger
International ring size conversion table
What happens if my signet ring is the wrong finger size?
How do I place an order?
Why should I register for the Members Area?
Payment methods & transaction security & Privacy
How can I choose the currency I pay in?
What information will I receive when I place my order?
Do you deliver overseas?
Customs, Duties and Taxes
Introduction to Gold
Advice on which gold to opt for
Three Shades of Gold
What is a Hallmark?
What is 'dirty gold'?
What are your opening times?
What are the nearest train stations to your workshop and showroom?
Do I need to make an appointment to visit your workshop or showroom?
Can I supply my own artwork for you to engrave?
Our family name does not show up in your crest database?
What is a crest?
Why are seal engraved signet rings engraved in reverse?
How long does it take to make my signet ring?